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Sat May 12, 2018


7:00 PM


Vivo Beach Club

  • From 35.00

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1964 focuses on the quintessential moment in history, when The Beatles actually played before a LIVE audience.

The Beatles toured the world in the early 1960's but now only a precious few remain who actually saw them LIVE. Who actually felt the mania that brought them to world acclaim. Today. all that remains area a few scant memories and some captured images in pictures and on poor quality film and video.
1964 meticulously re-creates the MAGIC of those LVE Beatles' performances with artful precision and unerring accuracy. For those that never saw The Beatles LIVE and always wanted to know what it must have benn like... this is as close as anyone could possibly get to...FEELING the MAGIC!
For over 30 years, 1964 has thrilled audiences with what is considered to be the most authentic and endearing tribute to The Beatles.

This has been accomplished by a steady and consistent cast of talented professional musicians, who painstakingly recreate the loo, feel and note for note sound of an actual LIVE Beatles performance.