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Thu Jun 1 - Sun Jun 4, 2017


2:00 PM


Conservatorio de Música de Puerto Rico

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MECA, short for MErcado CAribeño (Spanish for Caribbean Market ), will take place in Santurce, from June 1st - 4th of 2017 at the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico. Founded and directed by Tony Rodríguez and Daniel Báez, MECA will be the meeting point par excellence and definite international platform for the Caribbean art market made up of a vibrant assembly of young artists and galleries.

The main objective is to stimulate collectionism and educate in favor of investing in contemporary art. Puerto Rico has a maturing art market—with a buoyant artist community—that is making a splash on the international art circuit, subsequently highlighting opportunities for strategic investments in the Island.

MECA consists of 20+ exhibitors between 10 international galleries; 3 local galleries; and 11 spaces for projects of artists and curators (MECANISMOS) selected through an open call that was evaluated by curator Carla Acevedo-Yates, all within the main building of the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico. The fair will also offer an educational program of panels and conferences that will feature the participation of three international guests and several Puerto Rican panelists. Being that Santurce is the new heart of contemporary culture in the city of San Juan, as part of the negotiations carried out since the coordination of the fair, some 18 satellite projects, and public interventions will be added to the program. This part of the orchestrated programming along with the production spaces distributed along the panorama Santurcino, will complement the cultural offer that will receive thousands of visitors from inside and outside the Island.

Opening Preview
Thursday, June 1st, 11am-2pm

Open to the public
Thurs, Jun 1, 2pm-7pm
Fri, Jun 2, 11am-7pm
Sat, Jun 3, 11am-7pm
Sun, Jun 4, 11am-5pm